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Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL

  • Do you have an idea for a book, but feel overwhelmed by the task, and just don’t know where to start?

  • Have you been struggling to get your book down on paper, or wonder how to get it out into the world?

  • Not sure what to write about and can’t seem to choose the right topic?

  • Or, have you already published your book, and need a hand with promotion and distribution?

  • Already written your book, and need help finding editors, proofreaders, formatters, and cover designers?

I Can Help You With Every Step

As a world-class coach with 13 books in print, I will be at your side, dedicated to your success. Whether you’re looking for help getting started, need assistance with the creative process, or want guidance on Amazon (and beyond) – you’re in the right place.

With practical experience, I will efficiently navigate with you through the self-publishing and marketing world so that you do not make costly and unproductive mistakes.

As an internationally best-selling author, with years of experience in the self-publishing, I have helped authors all around the world get books written, published, and in the hands of adoring fans. At last, you get one-on-one coaching that unlocks your full potential.

How This Works

The publishing industry can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to put in hours of work, and waste time and money on expensive mistakes or costly how-to courses. That’s where I come in.

Here, you’ll get friendly, 45-minute coaching sessions, and one-on-one support that gives you key insights, helps you overcome challenges, builds your progress, and keeps you working towards and accomplishing your goals.

Finally, you’ll have a trusted advisor who’s passionate about helping you get where you want to go. My goal for all my clients is to teach you how to self-navigate the self-publishing world with knowledge and passion.

Find Out What Real Authors Are Saying…

If you are a writer who aspires to be published, you are lucky to have landed here. Wendy is a tireless contributor of tips, and an invaluable guide to less experienced authors. Her creativity, energy, and dedication both to her craft and to her fellow writers make her an outstanding figure in the world of self-publishing.

Dr. Marlena Corcoran at Athena Mentor: International University Admissions Counseling

Without Wendy’s encouragement and guidance, my dream of becoming a children’s author would have never left the ground. She is a patient and very knowledgeable teacher who will guide you in every aspect of your writing from beginning to end!  She has been an invaluable asset. Love her!

Cassie Cloutier, Up and Coming Author

Wendy guided me through the vast and sometimes bewildering landscape of self-publishing.  She offered useful suggestions about expanding sales and exposure for my books.  Even as an experienced self-publisher, Wendy’s knowledge helped me to navigate the ever-changing publishing landscape.

Joey Emil Blum, Author of Bedtime Stories, Arc of Life, Tenold Peterson Pastels, The Sawmill Ballroom Guide to Growing Lavender

Let’s Get You On the Road to Success!

At last, you have a dedicated partner who helps you get your ideas down on paper, your book in print, and your words into the hands of readers who beg for more.

Yes, I want to schedule a free clarity call!

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